One of my biggest turn-offs about athiestic or evolutionist debates is how much time they spend mocking the other side instead of presenting evidence for their viewpoint. I have the same turn-offs about young-earth creationist presenters when they delve into mocking anybody with a scientific viewpoint rather than sticking to their own explanations.

That's why I've found Reasons to Believe so refreshing. While this book started out sounding a bit defensive against all the attacks the author and organization receive from both sides, it was a very interesting and very respectful read about's general viewpoints: essentially that God did create the universe and everything in it, but He did so 13.7 billion years ago, as displayed by the evidence of nature.

So many young-earth creationists are making such a bad name for Christianity that it's become a main reason for people not to believe. assures us that you don't have to "check your brain at the door" to believe in the complete inerrancy of the Bible.