Fully unabridged!

I finally started watching the movies on this one (was waiting until all were out and then... meh!). I swear, I read this book back in college (I think it was the only one I fully read on my Handspring Visor), mostly while I was giving plasma. But I seriously don't remember most of what I saw in the movie.

But reading the book I was really surprised at how well the movies fit the books. Which is not terribly surprising. If you're going to stretch one book into 3 movies, you might as well do almost every page from the book. (I remember the old BBC version of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe seemed to drag ON and ON because they took their screenplay exactly from the books... but I digress)

And with that digression, I've lost my train of thought. Thus endeth this review.

Oh, wait. No, I have one more story. This book was the inspiration for me to make my own riddle for my kids about a surprise swingset with a special swing they'd be excited about. The riddle was quite Tokeinesque, if I do say so myself.