Series: Heorot

I was reluctant to read this book because it was set so far after the 1st one in the series that I thought all the characters I had come to know in the first one wouldn't be there. But it's actually only 20 years in the future, so everyone (who survived at least) was still around... and then (spoiler!) my favorite main character dies before the end of this book, so now I don't want to read the 3rd one!

Actually, this book seemed to delve into erotic scenes so often I'm not sure I'd read the next one anyway. Maybe there wasn't as much in the first book or maybe I didn't notice. But this is one of the reasons I've been avoiding futuristic science fiction - this theme of wild sexuality that is completely okay.

I'm changing tactics abruptly after this, and moving on to JRR Tolkein next. Finally going to listen to the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings as their original books!