My first Epic "Professional Development" book of 2015. This one was really least until the last chapter which almost put me to sleep.

Honestly, it's a book that might not appeal to EHR "kool-aid" drinkers who think computerization is the bee's knees and perfect solution to healthcare problems. As much as we try to get out of the way and make physicians' jobs easier, we ultimately might be hurting them more than we're helping. 

The idea was repeated from industry to industry, from technology to technology. It's not an anti-technology book, but it makes some very serious remarks about how much we've given up in exchange for all the automation in our lives. I know I've seen it myself, in just navigating around my own work campus. 

After reading this book, I intend to find ways to challenge myself away from brainless, automated solutions. I'll find my way with a map in unknown locations. I'll learn some facts and information for myself rather than constantly going to Google. And while I continue to use technology to make some jobs easier, I'll continually be on the lookout for ways to stay engaged and active in any tasks that have been "taken over" by automation.