I've been very stagnant on book-reading lately. I'm in the 4th huge audiobook of a series that is okay-but-not-great, and I can't seem to read any nonfiction for more than a half hour at a time.

I came across this list of "Top 10 Time-Travel Books That Need to Be Made IntoMovies Right Now" and was intrigued by this one's entry in the list. I picked it up at the library on a date (yep, my wife and I date by going to the library!) and thought I'd read an actual *gasp* paper book. 

Every once in awhile I pick up a book and finish it in a day or two. I'm not sure it's all that they're awesome books, but something really clicks within me as I read them. This was just one of those books.

It's about a man (and then some others) who wind up re-living their adult life over and over again. He gets to try different approaches and learn how meaningless some of them can be. It's honestly something I think about a lot. When I'm 50 or 60 and look back (okay, let's say 90 or 100 because 50 and 60 will still be young, right?), what will I think have been the most important parts of life and most important decisions made?

Very fun read; a real "thinker."