Series: Maze Runner

Really disappointing. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when The Death Cure didn't really resolve anything in the way I was expecting. In this book, I was hoping to get some back-story, but pretty much the only back-story we get is in some memos a character finds on a tablet in one of the final chapters. The rest is just a bunch of violence and running from crazy people infected with the virus. Sure there's some of the story as to how the launch of the virus affected people who didn't know what was going on, but that part of the history was pretty much as expected.

Several irritating inconsistencies stayed throughout the entire series. As a gun-rights learner, it is crazy to think that trained soldiers just go around and mockingly point their weapons at people. (Then again, it was crazy that they gave a loaded gun to a fully untrained scientist in the World War Z movie, but I'm getting off topic here...) But the most ludicrous one is that the human race, decimated by solar flares can somehow not survive on the resources left on Planet Earth?? Maybe it's my own fault for having read other solar-flare-pocalypse novels this year, but if the earth is (admittedly debatable) sustaining our population right now, it can certainly sustain a decimated population even better.

Maybe this is a part of a longer set of prequels, but I doubt I'd read any more. Fool me once...fool me twice... I wont' take a third time.