Series: Grand Tour of the Universe

I've been liking Ben Bova, so I thought I'd try going through his Grand Tour of the Universe series, since I enjoyed Isaac Asimov's long strong of novels in the same universe (oooh, double-compound sentence!).

What actually made this one so interesting was that it was written a decade after the next book I read (Empire Builders), but you'd never know it!  The same characters are in both, but Powersat contained a lot of their back-story. Fun read.

I was a little disappointed that there wasn't (oh, by the way... spoiler alert?) some grand underlying plot throughout the book. I kept expecting some secret plot where either the bad guys were playing FBI agents, or the FBI agents and the good guy were secretly entrapping the bad guy (a la "we've known it was you for months!"), but the story didn't do any of that. So... does that mean it's predictable because I predicted too much that didn't happen?

One thing that was interesting is the plot was very similar to Energized, by Edward M. Lerner, a book I read earlier this year.  I guess that wherever pioneers build solar-power satellites, there will always be terrorists who try to take them over and turn them into death rays!