I'm liking Ben Bova's books, and it's not just the name. I picked up a whole bunch from the online library, only to find that they're all middle-of-series books. Argh!

This one was standalone, and a little bit depressing; it definitely left me wanting more. The premise is a massive solar flare has scorched half the earth, and then cold-war-era soldiers concealed in a bunker, thinking they've been under attack, unleash their arsenal of nukes at the rest of the world.

Only a few humans remain on the earth, thrown back pretty much into barbarism. Only a small colony on the moon remains untouched by the disaster. Power struggles take place over decades, mostly between those who would stay on the moon forever (despite their dependence on fissionable materials from Earth for their nuclear reactor) and those who think they should return to Earth and restart civilization there.