This is sort of a collection of short stories, but woven together among common characters to make one big narrative.  I was expecting something similar to the movie, but there wasn't really much of that until I got to the last story.  Very entertaining (to me, at least) series of stories, all dealing with the drawbacks or loopholes of the '3 laws of robotics'.  It was interesting to see a recent Gizmodo article about exactly what I was thinking throughout the book: how in the world would you actually program the three laws into a robot?  And it would certainly be easy to create one without them... or to modify them (Voyager's doctor who constantly had his 'ethical subroutines' deleted comes to mind).  Still this falls into a category of books that can serve as a warning for what to 'watch out for' as we actually develop to this point.  (It made me check out a different book for fun: How to Survive the Coming Robot Apocalypse!)

Sometimes I wish the words old science fiction writers came up with would actually be in use, like visivox instead of movie theater.  I also learned that 'evitable' is actually a word.  Interesting... I'll have to start using it now!