I listened to a recent podcast about how 3 very influential people died on the same day, 50 years ago: Aldous Huxley, CS Lewis, and John F. Kennedy. I already had this book on my reading list, but it seemed extra appropriate to listen to it now.

The book / concept definitely makes a lot of good points, but obviously takes "world management" to an extreme. Certainly a world cannot function if everyone is super-intelligent, ambitious, and leadership material. We need people doing the work and jobs that no one else needs to do (well, at least until we get robots...), and if we can encourage them to be happy in their work, so much the better. But not at the sacrifice of giving those, who want it, the opportunity to do more; strive to climb higher than their status.

Passion and love, yes and even pain and tears are so very important and a world that has abolished them might be stable, but wouldn't be worth living in. Though, I'm not so sure I'd be quite as crazy as Savage John, whipping myself if I dare to enjoy some of the comforts of life.

Now I just need to figure out what all the connect to "Our Ford" was about. Listening to this during my commutes and seeing the Ford emblem on my steering wheel was a bit weird.