Uf da. Or more drawn out... Ooooof dah! I got this book for a buck at a used book store in September (or was it August?). I'm only now finishing it. Some of the chapters ('papers') were pretty humorous, but WOW a lot of them were deep into philosophy. I never even took Psych 101 in college, so I don't exactly have a good background on the subject, but man there was some deep stuff. And as an easily-acknowledged outsider, I still say the whole field seems like bunk. I mean, you have two or three main views of how we all think, but it's a matter of interpretation, and any model seems like it can be used to describe human thought and behavior, as long as you tweak it the right way.

Maybe I'd have more insight if I had read more of the books on my 'Cultural Literacy' reading list.