Audible offered this one up as a free download, so I nabbed it.  The only negative thing about this book was that it came from Audible: the only way to burn these is to install iTunes and have it auto-split the book to CDs.  This results in splits in the middle of sentences, even though there are clearly defined (by music) disc endings.  If I were to re-encode this to mp3 and put it on my phone, I would also be irritated that the last half a minute of one cd is repeated at the beginning of the next.  Ahh, but I digress..

This book was excellent.  There's no wonder it's so popular right now.  I'm not usually overly emotional, but if a writer or director can get me so into the story, I become one of the characters, I can cry (as Mark Lowry says) like Tina Faye at a yard sale.  That's what happened at the end of this one.  Thankfully I was alone in my car, so nobody saw. :-)  There's not much else to say other than this is an all-around good, fun book.  My free version was the abridged version, but I certainly wouldn't mind reading/listening to the full-length one sometime... that is, if the movie doesn't ruin the story for me.