Series: Walking Dead

So... we can say I read both Compendiums, totally over 2000 pages and covering issues 1-96 (wow, together these are two massive books!), but I also read every collection of letters back to the author and am now reading individual issues as they come out (up to 112).  I could take my normal "divide by 2" approach, but somehow, I still don't feel quite like I've read 1000 pages worth of dialog. Oh, who knows...I've been reading almost nothing else for 2-3 weeks, so maybe. Let's say 700 pages.

The letters were sometimes more enlightening than reading the comic (which is very well done itself, and nicely complements the TV show; the show is based off the book with input directly from the author, but changes enough story lines that you don't actually know what's going to happen... so I didn't feel like I was spoiling anything by reading the rest of the series that takes place after season 3...where we are in the TV schedule). Reading the back-and-forth between the fans and the author gave insight into what the story is really about, and what the author means behind some of the things he's done.

This might be my ticket into comic books, though, I really don't need yet another avenue of something to spend my time on. At least now I'm a little bit more familiar with a culture I never knew anything about (I have subsequently read several other comics and am starting up a few new