I am reminded once again that I just cannot listen to nonfiction books and get as much out of them as I do when I have a Kindle and can highlight/take notes/ etc. Amanda had a good point - it probably has a lot to do with me being a visual learner.  While there were many many good things in this book, I didn't retain too much of it. Perhaps this is a great suggestion for a book to purchase / read on the Kindle later.

One thing I did pull from it was a recommendation for another book, Genesis Unbound, as yet another alternate view of reconciling literal Genesis with old-Earth viewpoints. My hunch is the premise that the universe could be the millions of years old everyone thinks it is, but God created life on Earth in 6 literal days a few thousand years ago, shaping the formless and void Earth. It would be one way to support the "no death before the fall" young-Earth creationists cling to.

But alas, this is just s glimmer of a theory right now. Off to read some more books!!