Young Earth has always been fascinating to me. Obviously as a technology-loving geek who likes reading science fiction, I have a hard time meshing my Christian upbringing with the theories taught about the origins of the universe in school. While this book didn't have many of his die-hard facts that I'm sure other books have, it made a very strong point about Biblical reliability - if you believe that Genesis is flawed in its telling of creation, then why believe anything else?

This got me starting to read / watch some more related resources. Another very interesting point brought up is that no matter how much evidence you have, ultimately it's your own worldview that taints how you see and interpret it. Die-hard young-Earthers refuse to believe the Earth is millions of years old because it conflicts with the Bible, and old-Earthers refuse to believe the Earth is only a few thousand years old because it conflicts with their preset belief that there is no supernatural God.

I still have a long way to go on this. There's lots to learn!