Alas! My audiobook player suffered a bug that dropped a few seconds from each file if played in fast-forward. So I had to listen to this whole thing at 1x speed!  Terrible, I know!

Oh, the book? Interesting.... Inspired by a comment on XKCD's Forum on 1190 - Time, something I was following religiously, but now am over 50 pages behind, so I'll probably just stop.

Oh... about the book. Interesting story. It's about several devoted netizens trying to find the source and meaning of the "footage" which appears periodically.  The end seemed a little disappointing, but it did resolve the storylines pretty well. Well, most of them.  It didn't help that I finished the book driving around an airport, so I was a little distracted.

384 pages?? Felt like so much more. I swear I'm through with the page counts in 2014.