In high school, I worked as a network tech at a school district. In the math department, as I was wiring up some offices, I came across this book that looked interesting. Each time I passed by the office I had to read another couple chapters. For some reason, I got to thinking about it lately and figured I'd pick it up and read it.

Ugh. Sorry. I'm also in the middle of the Hillbilly Bible, so I feel some drawlin' comin' on.

I'm such a math nerd. This book is really interesting. It talks about how for the longest time there just wasn't any concept of zero. If you didn't have nothin' of somethin' you just said "none." It weren't no number.... argh.

I'll maybe have to come back to this.

The book got a little heavy towards the end when it talked about the impact of zero on modern mathematics and physics, especially quantum mechanics and string theory.

One interesting part was how calculus was first conceived by some 'magic zero hand waving'. Newton figured out how to calculate derivatives by ignoring some zeros and dividing away others. By rights it shouldn't have worked, but it did. It wasn't until later when the concept of limits came around that the mysterious "divide by zero" tricks were explained away.

Now I'm-a-goin' tuh have some zee-ro ca-lo-rie coke now un go back ter my Bible there.