Finally finished this one. Amanda recently asked me if I ever get into a book, decide I don't like it, and then force myself to finish it anyway? I said yes, absolutely. Usually, if I'm only a couple chapters in, I can abandon it, but once I make it at least halfway, I inevitably stick it out.

This is not a bad book; it just got very repetitive. In the beginning (hah!) of the book, the author seemed to have a distinct disapproval of the notion that many of our words came from the King James translation of the bible. Throughout the book, however, it seemed many things did come from this book, or other translations nearby.

It was also interesting reading... perhaps the author is English (hey, Google. Yup, he is), but some of the sayings he says are popular "Would you Adam and Eve it?" I've never heard of. But still, I recognized most of the sayings, quotes, and idioms throughout this book. It was interesting to see how some had been adapted by modern times (though most examples seemed to only come from the last decade or two... did he just use Google?), but again, as the book progressed, this pattern felt very overly repetitive and redundant. (See what I did there?)