I have an interesting new shelf to examine at the library - the Large Print section often has popular / interesting books featured atop the shelves. I saw this and then, realizing it was Large Print, looked up the regular version in the catalog. Whoa! Big backlog on both paper and audio versions. Large Print is like a secret section of the library!

Tons of good stuff in here. Some obvious, some very enlightening, and a few disturbing. I'm not sure I can spontaneously come up with my favorites right now, but they're definitely in my head as reference material, so I can be "that guy" of the "well actually" persuasion. (No... seriously... that's really annoying, and I try not to do that. I'll answer questions if asked, but I try not to butt-in with "well-actually"s (whoa, an interesting pluralization). Aaaannnd I'm off track again.

One thing this book was missing (which would've increased its page count :shakes fist:) is a comprehensive bibliography. It seems a book like this should really be citing all of its sources. Often times he mentions a study or source, but there's no comprehensive bibliography.

Additionally, while he references the "correlation does not imply causation" argument often, I have to wonder if sometimes all these warnings that are passed down actually do have the intended effect - kids and other people are just safer because certain accidents are prevented by this "common knowledge" that, according to this book, aren't always true.