A book my sister gave me with a simple premise: find areas of your life where you need to change and then make that change before it becomes too late and you have to change something. Like getting more in shape physically before you have a serious event. Or strengthening your faith before it really gets tested.

This is a quick read, and I love that at the end of every (short) chapter, is a simple bullet-list of the key points in each chapter. More life-application books should do this.

I think I know where I am on a couple of different paths of 'change' and I'm not just sitting around. I am taking the steps to change, but I certainly need more practice recognizing the obstacles in my way.

On a completely different related note... what's up with Amazon's page count?! Amazon says 256 pages, when I have the book right in front of me, and it's only 169 pages. Even if you count the Roman numerals at the front there are only 18 more. What's the point of keeping track of page counts if they can be so far off??