Series: Rama

Essentially just a continuation of Garden of Rama, this book is where most of the memorable action of the series takes place (it helps that it's twice as long as any of the other ones). I remember from back in high school being a little miffed at its abrupt ending. Listening to it now, I kept hoping for more (especially since the end part, at the Node, took up a big chunk of the book), but not much really happened at that point. There was a TON of meaning-of-life type speculation and a bunch of made-up galactic history that would maybe be interesting if it was setting the plot for the series, rather than occurring in the final moments.

There were many times when I wanted to scream at the characters for some of the choices they made, though likely it was because I had read the series long ago and had a vague recollection of how something turned out. I will say this for sure: if you ever are in the position for creating a robot companion in the image of someone - don't do it of someone who is living or that you might meet later! Talk about awkward!

It would sure be great to hear a story of what happens to our main family after this series. I guess that'll just have to remain in our imaginations.