I think this could be a really great book to read, but it was torture to listen to. Authors should only read their own books if they are a good narrator. Considering this entire book was a conversation between two people... told to a third, and that the author/narrator used the exact same voice/inflection for all 3, I was seriously in danger of falling asleep during each of my commutes.

Getting into the story a bit, the first part of the book had the "Bible code" sort of feel to it. The whole... okay, yeah if you really stretch you can make these analogies.  "He said this from that verse which was an old curse." But then when it got to talking about the fall of the stock market, which occurred at the very end of the 7th Jewish year after 9/11... and the fall was 7% of the stock market... at 777 points. Then it started getting a little creepy. And then they went and pointed out how all of the earlier "harbingers" took place at the very place the constitution, the very root of America, was put in place.  Okay. Stuff just got real.

Anyway, I get that this was a narrative to draw out the story and enhance the "wow" factor, but one could've gotten the same facts down in a single-page summary.