I really liked this book, and since I was in a lull in my reading/listening, I thought I'd try the unabridged version of this to see if there really are any differences, or if you just get a fuller story. I was amazed! It's like reading a whole new book. Sure there were a few familiar parts, but the abridgement cut out entire storylines and details. It also cut out quite a bit of the more heavily R-rated-ish material, which I could've done without... I liked the abridged story just fine, but this was almost like an intertwined sequel. Perhaps not all abridgements are like this, but it seems to be a good model, that if I'm not sure of a book, I can listen to the abridged version and get a good story. If I really like the story, listening to the full version later isn't tedious at all. If I don't, like in the Landover series, I might know that I'm missing big parts of the story, but am still happy with what I received.