I'm not sure when I picked up this book, but it's been sitting on my bookshelf for several years. Since last year was my Isaac Asimov year and I liked most of what I read, I figured I would enjoy this. I was not disappointed!

It's actually a collection of 6 mini-books that were supposed to be a sort of "Lone Ranger in space" series. They never made it to TV, but you can definitely see the influences (okay... I'm not sure if Tonto was ever as short-tempered as Bigman is, but the sidekick angle is there). By the last couple of stories, I was able to figure out the solution before the main characters did, but that was likely due to finally realizing the writing style of the series.

Anyway, fun set of reads. Maybe I'll find some more books on my shelf that are interesting. Paper?? No way!