This reading order is getting interesting... Too bad they don't just have one single anthology of all the Known Space stories set in Chronological order, so I don't have to keep jumping back and forth.

I set out to read Ringworld's Children, when I noticed that in the 'Glossary' at the front, it mentioned something coming from a story "Procrustes" which I hadn't read. It's in Crashlander and apparently retold in Juggler of Worlds. Argh. Guess I should read those first.

Then I realize that Crashlander is a retelling of several stories from Neutron Star, with an outer story that wraps them all together in a coherent narrative. So I started reading through it. I sort of skimmed the Neutron Star stories, but I read through the details and it actually helped to know a bit more about the Known Space setting. I got more out of the stories this time, finally understanding some of the ideas that had eluded me before.

Anyway, I got as far as 'Borderlands of Sol' when I read that it's essentially a sequel to Fleet of Worlds.  Argh!  Guess I should just go and read that now. Except that's on audiobook, and I'm now listening to The Hunger Games. Hmm. Maybe I'll just take a little break from Larry Niven.

56% of 288 pages