Series: Ringworld

Wow. When I started this one, I thought it was weird. As I continued to listen to it, I wondered if it was a different author who wrote it. Then as I was going through other parts of Larry Niven's Known Space history (via Kindle and Computer), I came across a forum where someone was asking what order to read the books in. Someone said don't bother with the 3rd Ringworld book.

If for some reason you're here reading my reviews... know I agree whole-heartedly. This book can be easily skipped (nothing major is added to the storyline), and it is definitely not up to par with Larry Niven's other books. Any action that did occur was observed from far away, and the stories/characters were just so strange and very hard to relate to. I'm a little nervous and wondering if I should go ahead onto Ringworld's Children, swap to the Fleet of Worlds series (next chronologically in my other reading order if I skip all the Man-Kzin wars stories), or go onto the Hunger Games which I've been meaning to listen to for awhile (okay... ever since the movie came out and the story became so popular).

Interesting. I didn't know my book reviews section would turn into a blog of its own!

Update: So, definitely not listening to the next Ringworld book, since the reader didn't do any homework and pronounces almost all of the names differently than the last 3 novels. Since that would drive me crazy, I'll opt to read the book on my Kindle instead.