Part of the awesomeness of this book is that I got it for $0.32 with free, Amazon Prime shipping.

As for the content, it was interesting/refreshing to read a familiar viewpoint on the various gospels / teachings of Jesus. I thought it would be great to have this book, which has the 4 canonical gospels, as well as the text of many apocryphal and gnostic gospels in it. Though it still leaves many non-gospel-type writings from the first few centuries out.

It was interesting that the author explicitly named Elaine Pagels as a fan of the gnostic gospels.

It was also interesting, after reading some books that indicated John was written much later than the other three gospels, and that Matthew was written as a review of Mark and Luke, to read in this book that all the gospels were presumed to be written around the same time, within about 10-20 years. Though later when they give specifics about the gospels, they don't seem to have any earlier dates for John than 2nd century. Hmm.