I got this through work without too many expectations. I often read the Lifehacker blog, so I didn't think I'd get too much use out of this. I was definitely wrong! In just the first chapter (heck, just the first 'hack') I found a way to manage my email much more thoroughly at work that I can finally actually maintain an empty inbox! I haven't applied the same tactic to GMail, but it might not be a bad idea.

I highlighted several other good tips to help me be more productive or just come up with better habits.

I do have a couple of small criticisms, though. I guess they weren't advertising the number of hacks too much, but sometimes they would put PC and Mac hacks together and sometimes separate. It was a bit inconsistent. Otherwise, my only issue was the chapter about cleaning up your 'stuff'. It recommended ripping all your CDs to MP3s and then selling the discs. Whoa! That's blatantly illegal,and one of the biggest issues I have with buying used CDs or music at garage sales.Otherwise, I did find this book extremely helpful and would recommend it to anyone looking for some easy tips at better productivity.