I had tried to listen to Tom Sawyer (or Huck Finn; can't remember which) before, but either the story or the reader was too annoying. This one, though, was actually a very fun listen. I'm glad most of it was first-person same-character narrative, though, since I was awfully confused between Twain's intro, the Englishman's telling of meeting the Yankee, the tale of Sir Lancelot, and the story itself, since they all sounded the same. Once he got going, though, it was a lot better. The story had just the right amount of humor in it to make it interesting, but not irritating. My only complaint would be the end. It seemed too abrupt and didn't really seem to finalize anything. Plus, the whole story was generally upbeat and positive, that I was expecting some sort of happy, or at least positive ending. It did, however, make me very glad for all the freedoms and other privileges we have these days.