Series: Millennium

So, apparently everyone knows about this book, so I don't need to talk about the content.

The funny story is how I came across this book. I was actually looking for a Larry Niven book at a Madison library. The library was being temporarily housed in a bank while renovations were taking place. All the audiobooks were in a vault, but at first I didn't think there were that many. Then I realized they were on rotating shelves that automatically moved to the right shelf when you punched in a code. Neat! As the rows went slowly sliding by, I saw this book pass by and nabbed it on a whim. Since I've heard so much about it, I figured I should finally read it.

The story's definitely a lot darker than I'm used to, but then again, I'm used to science fiction and not so much murder mysteries.  As such it was a good listen, and I'll continue to listen to the other two in the series soon.

And while writing this review, I came upon a reason that, perhaps, is the cause of the books' popularity... Stieg Larsoon died in 2004 before any of these were published.  Interesting.