I actually read this book in its entirety at a steakhouse at a Chicago Hyatt Regency (it was a very expensive and very delicious steak). I was eating by myself,, since the rest of the Epic crew was still working on something or another late into the night. I needed something to pass the time, and this book looked short enough. Apparently it was!

It's just a series of interviews the author did with Douglas Adams from many years ago. Interesting tidbits, and as has been the case over the last year, I might get into a new author/series based on something Adams liked (um, since this is probably the place I'll come back looking for it... one is The Sirens of Titan and another one is author Robert Sheckley, heralded as a "very, very funny writer. He's also a stylist. Very few science fiction writers write English well. Robert Sheckley can."

Apparently, it took a lot of work to convince folks that science fiction could be funny, but Adams did it. Yay!