Series: Left Behind

I pulled this out of my dramatized list because it's just a regular narration / reading of the book. I know I do this too often, but the biggest annoyance with this book was the way it was read. Often times, the scene would change, talking about completely different people, and the reader never even paused.  I got lost a couple times before I realized he was talking about people completely different.  He did great on chapter pauses (a little exaggeration here... every time there was a chapter break, I thought I was getting a phone call because he took so long), so why not in scene breaks?

As for the book itself, it's even more shady than the Left Behind series, since it's now dealing directly with Jesus and may famous figures from Biblical history.  The actual "meat" of the story was pretty good and full of action ['s where I put in whether I was really good at catching a twist in the story, or there was no surprising twist....I haven't finished it yet].  But the first quarter seemed like a review of Leviticus and the interviews with Biblical heroes interspersed in the story made me feel like I was reading the Old Testament again. Maybe it's good for someone who doesn't really know these stories, but it just felt like inserted Sunday School lessons in the middle of a novel.