Series: Left Behind

This was a really well-done dramatization that extended for over 48 hours.  I've read these books before, and while I'm not a nut that takes this as literal prophecy (i.e. I'm not waiting for some actual dictator named Nicolae Carpathia to rise to power), it's a really good story of what could happen. And the concepts are all certainly Biblically-based.

The dramatization makes me want to only listen to dramatized books from now on!  Every character was unique, and the sound effects and music were great. My only complaint was how every single episode ended and started the same way and with the same theme song.  I wished I could just cut them all out, but I got really good at 'skip next track, fast forward about 6 times' for each part.


Page count - I found 4682 by adding all 12 books together, but 2863 by adding all 4 collector's editions (each containing 3 novels).  Since the dramatization was likely shorter than an actual unabridged recording, I went with the smaller number.  Maybe some day I'll get around to putting together a more accurate word-count-based ranking...