This was an interesting read, but I'm not sure I really identified with most of the main topics...maybe because I've been reading so many Christian books lately, and things seemed redundant.  It looks like most of my highlights are in the prayer area; I definitely know that's an area I need to work on personally.


The acronym PUSH has been helpful to me. It stands for “pray until something happens.”

I’ve learned that any genuine communication to God may or may not change what God does, but your prayer will often change your heart or perspective. Prayer reminds you that you’re not in control and keeps you close to the one who is.

But when you remember who you’re talking to—when you acknowledge that the God of the universe is honestly, truly excited to hear from you—that truth alone will change your attitude toward prayer. Move the focus from yourself onto God. That’s the beginning of making prayer fresh and exciting. Even fun. Then prayer is like talking to a close friend with whom you can share your heart, your fears, and your dreams.