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representation of Benjamin Flessner Hehe. Yup there's me. My name is Benjamin Dean Flessner, otherwise known as DigiMuzik. First, a little bit of explanation about the name. DigiMuzik. No, wait. Benjamin Dean. I didn't really have too much say in this one, but rumor is that I was almost named Dean, after my mom's twin sister's husband. Now, no offense to anyone named Dean, but I'm glad my name is Benjamin. It's easy for people to call me Ben, but then people I really care about and who really care about me know I like being called Benjamin. When I was single, I said: "I hope my wife someday calls me Benjamin. Actually, "Love" will suffice I suppose." Anyway, I'm also glad I wasn't fully named after Dean because he died. This isn't really a funny matter, but that would have been a bad omen to have been born with. Besides, now I have three "Uncle Don's" which is pretty cool in itself.

DigiMuzik is a completely different matter. I came to college and decided I finally needed an online name that I didn't have to explain a huge long story to everyone who asked where it came from. I used to be JJTime, after Justin J. Time. Where's that from? Well, to tell you would be a really huge long story, and I've rambled enough on this page. So anyway, Music is my first love, and I've always liked computers, so DigiMusic (digital, music... get it?) seemed appropriate. However, so as to avoid all the hassles of dealing with a name/handle that already existed, I just decided to alter a couple letters. Thus was born "DigiMuzik," which nobody can ever remember how to spell. I guess that's what I get for picking a name like that, but at least it's unique. And hey, it got me my own domain, right? That's pretty cool.

I was born in the little ol' country town known of Clarion, IA, right next to where I would spend the first few years of my life. Yeah, we lived right next to the hospital. In fact, while browsing around the Internet one day I found this:

Wright County.... or Memorial... or something Hospital

Okay, web rule #1: don't make a photo into a gif image. Well this is the best I can do as this was all they had on the website, but that right there is Wright Medical Center. That's where I was born. And for an added bonus, the little clump of trees in the top right-hand corner with a little white dot in the middle of them is where I lived for about the first 4 years of my life! (The white dot... the house. Not the trees.) Basically walk out of our backyard, and you're at the hospital. My mom didn't really have to worry about going too far when the time came for little Benji. Anyway, I wish I could give you a better picture, but, hey! How many people get a free aerial photo of where they were born and raised?

So then I moved to Waverly sometime.... I don't really remember when. Went to all 23 years of grade school there.... (yes that was a horrific joke), and then decided to head to Ames and attend Iowa State University.

In May, 2005, I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering, married a wonderful woman named Amanda, moved to Wisconsin, signed a lease for my first non-student housing, went on a honeymoon to Alaska, watched a Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon, and began my new career at Epic Systems Corporation! Whew!

It's now used to be 2016, we owned a home in Dodgeville, WI, are otherwise debt free (go Dave Ramsey!), have five beautiful children, and are very active active in various community, homeschooling, and church groups.

It's now 2021, and apart from now living in Cedar Falls, IA, the rest of the above is still true. Oh, we also have a dog now. Aaand, I no longer work at Epic, but at Redox (also an awesome company).

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