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Actually, I resurrected Benwords over on the lists page. So, this page is even more pointless, but I might as well keep it around! Disk space is cheap!

Freecell Games I've Won

Jan 2013 - Pulled off Lists and found a home for it in the archives...

This is an ancient file from 1998. I had started a list of each freestyle game I had won, with the crazy ambition of winning them all at some point. Then I realized how many different games there were... Maybe when I retire... (You know... we always joked about keeping a list of things my dad said he'd do when he retired. Maybe I should start doing the same thing. And this would be the perfect place for it!)

(June, 2009) - So... interesting. The original Freecell had 32000 games, and big web rings have already played all of them except 11982. I guess I have a lot of catching up to do. Especially since there are now one million in Windows, and over 8 billion using high seed numbers.

'Very Easy' deals beaten (June-July '09) : 164,892,1012,1081,1150,1529,2508,2514,3178,3225,3250 4929,5055,5152,5213,5300,5814,5877,5907,6749,6893,7018,7058,7167,7807

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