Ever program in C? Ever use the math program Maple? Ever find yourself supremely frustrated by that little piece of punctuation that doesn't know whether it's a colon or a comma? Join the Society for the Destruction of Semicolons in Programming. We (I) will do whatever it takes to remove from this planet all instances of this disturbing scourge.

Starting with a petition.

Actually, only with a petition.

Yeah, that's all I have.

But you can sign it!

Send me an e-mail with your "stuff" so I can put you on the list.

I hate semicolons. (Uh, that e-mail won't go anywhere)

The List

Benjamin Flessner
4361 Larch Cessna
"I had a nervous breakdown after receiving multitudinous
errors in Maple. All I wanted was the definite integral!"

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