scRambled - Random Pictures

Rule Number One: When you check out a public camera, don't return it with pictures on the memory card.... or else I will post them here... like this!


Well, fine, I'll take my OWN random pictures. The picture on the right was taken at the Coral Ridge mall, a very fine shopping place. My girlfriend and I were taking a break sitting on one of their nice sofas in the hallway, when these two kids sat down across from us in the message chairs. I was playing with a digital camera and taking a bunch of random pictures, and one of them said "hey, take a picture of us!" So I did. Never talked to them again, didn't get any info from them.... so I have no idea who they are. If this is you and you want me to take the pic off my site then I will, but for everyone else.... um random picture number one is entitled "two guys in the massage chairs at Coral Ridge mall."


The next set of pictures are in a cool table.... unfortunately it hasn't been cooperating for me (thank you MS Frontpage) so if it looks all jumbled, blame Microsoft. As for me? I'm through with it for now.

This one came from a memory card with my family Christmas 2002 pictures. I have no idea what is is. Though I'm guessing it won't stay on this page for too long since it's completely boring. But if you have any guesses I'd love to hear them! Send to (Oct 2008 - Doesn't exist anymore and would've been spammed off the planet if it did. Maybe I'll put a submit form here sometime.)



This item, however, has an identity I know for certain! I took it in Music Hall, home of the floor tile seen below! If you have any idea what it is or give up and want the answer emailed to you, ask me somehow... !

More random pics were added on 12/30/2002.

That's it for now. Might as well Pick a Different Letter