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or...what I really think about when I have too much time

To organize this page, or not to organize this page.... that is the question. I think not. If it gets overly large, I might start linking to my favorite ones. Otherwise, you could always search for some specific text. But now.... bullets? paragraphs? jumbled together? variations? I'm undecided.

Anyway, this won't be like a journal. Flessnerfam.com is for that. But this is for random commentary that I'd rather not clutter up my blog with. I don't promise to be funny, this is just stuff that floats around in my head.

Onwards to the really random unrelated reflectious ramblings of .... my ... round ... head!!!
Okay... I'm done

If you complain that some of the pages are a jumbled mess, you need to take another look at the title of this site! - 3/1/2011

Hey! - If I ever shout "Straw!" at you, it might be because I always have this ditty in my head whenever I hear the word hay/hey: "Straw is cheaper, grass is free, and they pay you for pulling weeds... ...sometimes... ...if you're lucky." Not sure where I first heard it, but in true scrambled fashion, I added the last few parts myself. - 10/10/2012 (1/13/2016 update - during a page cleanup, I see I have this entry bookmarked as both #hey and #hay. Sometimes I have severe letter dyslexia ... or at least spelling difficulties)

Rabbit Trails - Winding RoadDo you ever realize that you started doing something completely different from what you happen to be doing at the moment of realization? I do often and sometimes play a game whereby I attempt to figure out the chain of events that led from A to B. The other day, I actually wrote this down. As it's quite an interesting thought experiment, maybe I should do it more often. It could become another List, or, heck, even another letter considering it's a true part of my scrambled mind. But as long as there's only one, it resides here, at ramblings. - 2/15/2012

This is really just another list. Maybe it should move to L. But then I'd have to come up with another R. Arrrrgh! (See what I did there?) - 2/17/2011

I just logged into an old virtual machine. Somehow, I feel that the 'There are unused icons on your desktop' message shouldn't trigger when there are only 4 icons. - 5/1/2009

I was just installing Windows 2000 on an ancient computer and saw a file called halborg.dll. What an awesome combination of Sci-fi bad guys. :-) - 10/18/2008

Eek! Every page on this site said generated by 'FrontPage'!! Get it off, get it off! Ahh. I think I have removed all traces that I ever used FrontPage. ...except this rambling. D'oh! - 12/14/2009

The head used for the 'brain' bears no resemblance to my actual profile. Especially the nose.

My sites look funny in lynx. meh. I've been bored and playing with unix. But really, how many of you are reading this on lynx? raise your hands... thought so

I run closed captioning, but it really bugs me when they don't get words right. And not, like, live tv. I mean pre-scripted shows and movies and even music videos. How can they make such blatant mistakes? Especially DVDs! I've seen some bad ones on dvds, and considered even keeping an archive. Hmm. Grumble

I just realized a disturbing relationship between french fries and pop (or soda or coke or fizzy, or whatever you call it). You ever notice how when you eat fries, it makes you thirsty. But then you drink pop, and then you don't have that addictive fries taste in your mouth, so you have to eat more fries? Except you only get free refills on pop. It's a conspiracy I say!

I remembered my high school student ID... just out of the blue. 201606. Strange.

I used to think my car had a 12 gallon tank in it. But today I put 12.91 gallons into it. Guess I was wrong. But what kind of car has a 13 gallon tank? And I've been riding on E for over a week. So I either have an unlucky fuel capacity, or just a messed up gauge. (5/27/2004 update) I just recently put in 13.1 gallons in. I give up at trying to understand it.

I saw a license plate today that said "475 LOL" :-) I smiled.

It's really funny how the page with the most content appears to be archives, when there's really nothing else on this site! - 5/27/2004

Hah! Since a lot of these pages use ancient <p> tags, their source code often ends with </p></body>. Peabody! Incidentally also the former name of the hotel at which I'm currently staying. - 1/13/2016

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