sCrambled - Cwotes


Wow, the spell checker really loves this page..... Better turn it off.

Okay, so be good to me. I'm recording fun cwotes now. And someday, something you say may actually end up on this website.


Like this right here. A good friend of mine, (you can find lovely photos of him on my Ode to Calc3 Homepage; click 'Carl'), one day just randomly IMmed me and said:

Democracis: watch out for the gumballs
Democracis: they are coming after me!!!!



I promise.... no context. Completely random.


Update: Uh, so... yeah this took off about as well as the rest of the site. I could link in some quotes stored in the bots on IRC, but that would probably be a little less than family friendly. So C needs to get remapped again.


Right on..... Back to the Frying Pan