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Oct 2008 update: In my varied experiences as a computer programmer, I have learned (since creating this page) that it's a bad idea to create a table with an undefined number of records in a horizontal arrangement. In other words... I need to convert this bad boy to rows instead of columns, so I can include all those wondrous computing devices I talked about in that opening paragraph, written so many years ago. That will take awhile. Suffice it for news (for now) to say that DigiMuzik is still around (Amanda uses it now), DigiX is still our main PC in the basement (*gasp!*), though we hardly use it since Amanda (as stated previously) uses DigiMuzik, and I use a relatively new ThinkPad affectionately (and creatively) named DigiNovo.

Nickname DigiMuzik a.k.a "DigiDoggie" Digix DigiOldie
Image *Gasp* No picture yet!
Name Source It's portable and follows me around everywhere (Blame Russ) Super-Creatively named because it's a Shuttle XPC The thing's super-old!
Processor 2.0 GHz Pentium 4M 2.66 GHz Pentium 4 333MHz Pentium II
Memory 512MB PC2100 1GB PC2700 384MB PC133
Display UXGA 1400x1200 14.1" LCD 2x Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 17"
27" JVC TV
Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 17"
Storage Hitachi 5400rpm 40GB Seagate 7200rpm 120GB ??? 6 GB
Optical Drive 16/24 DVD/CDRW Lite-On 16/48 DVD/CDRW Some kind of CDROM
Date of Birth February, 2003 November, 2003 Looong time ago.

You know.. I used to be an AMD kind of guy. Looks like I'm all Intel right now though.

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