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Hmm, perhaps we should blow off the dust........

Ahh, much better. Okay, anyway, here's where old things will go.... because I never throw anything away, at least nothing digital...

Somewhat Cool Pages with Real Content

The Original Site - When doing some digital house-cleaning in 2021, I found the original draft of the site. Presented here with insightful commentary on the changes over the years! Ramblings - A pretty populated page I used for R, but it had grown stale, so it was archived in the great scramble of 2019. Bus Stuff - It's still a pseudo-B page because I still love buses, but it's never updated, so it has been kind of relegated to the archives.

Leftover Bits-n-Pieces

Pages I couldn't bear to throw away. There's not much here, but disk space is cheap...!

If that wasn't enough fun for you: head back to the Frying Pan!