Scrambled - Software

The 'D' of Digimuzik represents computers, and what runs on computers? Well, clutzy sys-admin joggers I suppose, but I'm thinking of software - the programs that you use to interact with hardware (which, coincidentally enough, has it's own page on the Scrambled Mind).

At some point, I hope to chronicle various software I've worked on or influenced, as well as some of my favorite programs. I promise some day this page will have more content, but the Great Scramble of 2019 was mainly intended to create E; creating a new page for software was a fun bonus.

This is by no means a CV; I don't have any source code listed or linked here (and if I do, that means I forgot to update this intro!). Honestly if any prospective employer finds The Scrambled Mind, I hope they have a sense of humor (and know that this site and its descendants have only ever been intended to be personal projects, not legitimate examples of my skills...or lack thereof!)

Fun software I've created or worked on

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