Sweet Tooth - Jeff Lemire (Comic)

Been a bit of a dry spell here (actually mostly due to my lack of adding books here; right now the most recent one on-site is 6 months old, but I've at least started keeping track on Goodreads....maybe at some point I'll get around to migrating them here...or even reviewing them! But I digress...as I usually do}, but I have this nice 10" tablet here literally gathering dust, so I thought maybe I'd try a graphic novel or two. 

Searched for a list of good completed comics, initially targeting Image because I've liked so much from them (not the typical "super-hero" fare), but this was given as another alternative, and it turned out pretty good. Actually, I think I read someone comparing it to Descended, which I also liked (but annoyingly, it wasn't finished at the time), and I'd have to agree. 

As a completed series (40 issues, though I see there's a "Return" sequel series; might have to check that out) (dang there are a lot of parenthetical in this entry!), I loved that it had a very satisfying conclusion. Although it skipped many years from the Mai time line of the rest of the story, it put a satisfying bow on the characters and set up what the future would look like for them. 

As for the story itself - definitely on the violent side and mouthy at times (though one character kept getting chastised with "Language!" which was somewhat funny), but good characters full of heart and loyalty.

The only thing that really bothered me from a realistic point (I didn't have any problem buying that human-animal hybrids could exist or that they'd be the only survivors of a humanity-destroying plauge; I mean, that was the plot of the book!) was the deer boy (boys) born with fully-formed antlers. First off....ow (though I guess one or two of them weren't "born" strictly speaking), but moreover - deer antlers grow at maturity and shed every year. So we're these just permanent bone or what?

Another aside (maybe this is why I don't write these often; this has gotten crazy long!), it annoys me to hear about people growing up Roman Catholic (like this author) and then being turned off by that "organized" religion. There's so much more to a relationship with God, and so much less of a convoluted religion that is required to surround it. For people in that scenario - keep learning and investigating the truth...it doesn't require blind faith or ridiculous rituals of obligation, but don't give up on it because that's all you've ever been told Christianity is.

Okay. Mini-sermon over. Time to hit save and open another book! 

01/07/2023 // F // Kindle