What a great book! Very humorous, but it got across a really good message.  Jesus isn't just who we might think or prefer He is. We should actively and continually seek to know Him and understand him better.

One big thing that stopped me in my tracks, and I will definitely have to dwell on it (I guess the right idea is pray, right) in the coming days/weeks.  If God is omnipotent and omniscient (Google 'em), then yes, he has always known everything that will happen, so everything is a part of his plan, even the bad stuff (or the stuff that seems bad to us). But it is not because He is cruel or likes to see us suffer. In reality (at least posed by this book, but it makes so much sense), He hurts with us when we feel pain or endure hard times. Even though he fully understands why things happen and we don't, he feels our pain and shares them with us. If we let Him.