I normally avoid Gaiman with a 39.5 foot pole (which I suppose isn't much in the grand scheme of things), but when he's not mocking Christianity, I can tolerate him. This book popped up on Prime reading, and I'd been in a bit of a slump, so I picked it up. A blu-ray purchase of the collection later, a complete play-through of the text-based game, and a re-read of the entire 5 (or 6?) book trilogy, and I think this started something...  It is a little redundant having read this... and then watching all the special features of the TV Bluray I purchased, but I've learned a lot more about the series.

Some things I highlighted (for some strange reason or another)

MJ Simpson’s not-actually-authorised-but-by-no-means-unauthorised Douglas Adams biography, Hitchhiker, and Nick Webb’s forthcoming actually-officially-authorised biography Wish You Were Here, I hesitate to think.

(oh, maybe this was a recommendation for another book to read)

New Zealand to look for the Kakapo—which is this ground-living parrot which can’t fly, but it’s forgotten that it can’t fly; it jumps out of trees and just lands on the ground with a thud.

I had no idea what this was about - apparently Douglas and Mark Carwardine created a series of shows (books?) called Last Chance to See about endangered species. Apparently this helped saved the Kakapo. That's pretty neat.

THE WORST POET IN THE UNIVERSE “He was a bloke I was at school with. He used to write appalling stuff about dead swans in stagnant pools. Dreadful garbage.” [The name of this character was changed to Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings after complaints by Paul Neil Milne Johnson, an ex-schoolfriend of Douglas Adams.]

That's excellent.

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