Having just finished re-reading (and thoroughly enjoying) the original "trilogy" (which, maybe I'll re-write down here; maybe not - I'm pretty inconsistently lately), I dove into this one, remembering (or thinking that I remembered) liking it the last time.

Perhaps fond memories should remain fond memories. The constant interjections of irrelevant information from the Guide became so annoying I began skipping entire pages once I'd see the italicized text. I lost nothing from the main story that way and was able to follow the plot a little bit better.

The only really new insight I had this time (wow; it's been 9 years since I last read this?! This site of mine is sometimes useful for some things...) is having experienced the crazy Marvel Cinematic Universe and gaining a bit of a better understanding of Thor, Asgard, and related topics. I'm actually curious now where everything came from. Did Eoin (and Douglas, since the Asgardians are mentioned briefly in the OT) draw from the comics; do the comics draw from older tales (which I suppose is more likely); what is the original version of these characters?

As for the story, well - love, heartache, Vogons, destruction; pretty standard fare. 

06/20/2020 // F // Kindle