Series: Ringworld

Like the last book, this one benefited from the history of having read it before. And maybe it was reading it rather than listening to it, but the plot was much clearer (even if the final climactic battle was still shortly described).

Man, I wish they could do without the whole rishathra concept; not sure if this is just a Niven style, a stereotypical sci-fi need to imbue every story with sex, or what. But I could certainly have done without (though the one response Valavirgillin made in response to Wu's question: "Rishathra?" was did elicit a chuckle: "Not now, I'm driving.").

I also had a couple of laugh-out-loud (literally; I was waiting for my kids' outside their dance lesson; I wasn't the only one in the room; it was a little embarrassing!) moments near the end of the book - I should've highlighted them, but... ah well.

Enjoyable. I do approach the next book(s) with some trepidation - I remember thinking the series had really gone downhill; I imagine losing more of the main characters we've known will add to that - Louis changed quite a bit in the intervening time between books 1 and 2; if we lose him altogether, it'll just be...odd.

03/05/2020 // F // Kindle