A few weeks ago I heard that The Far Side was getting an official web site which revitalized my interest in the comic. I then found that there was a "Complete Far Side" in 2 big hardcovers or 3 paperbacks, but it cost almost (or over $100). Thankfully, libraries exist! (Sorry, Gary) My big urban Cedar Falls / Waterloo libraries didn't have it, but good ol' hometown Waverly nearby did. I picked up the first one before Christmas and slowly made my way through both.

Whew! These are HEAVY books. There were several large pages of intro/preamble and before each "year" of comics there was another essay or story, sometimes written by Gary, sometimes by others. Beyond that, there wasn't much commentary on the individual comics, except for the occasional hate mail and/or editor's explanation for an extremely obtuse cartoon. I would've appreciated a few more of these, though a couple of times I found myself Googling a semi-obscure historical fact or personage and educating myself a bit more through this experience.

Definitely fun, and I'm still not completely against obtaining a set of these for my coffee table at home.... that is... if I had a coffee table at home that my kids didn't regularly destroy.

01/31/2020 // F // Paper