Ugh. This was on a top list of most-requested books at my company, and I'm not too surprised. As far as the good... there were many good insights into how our minds work and what makes them tick.

But I couldn't get over the fact that almost every other point was backed up by "how we came down from the trees and survived in the Serengeti!!!"  It doesn't help that I'm dealing with plenty of other related things, but this constant evolution! evolution! evolution! got really tiresome and felt really unnecessary.

Besides, though he had many interesting and entertaining examples about deficiencies and people with unique brain issues, he never mentioned something I deal with in his chapter on sight: double vision and my inability to perceive depth the way most normal people do. I think it's something really unique (as do most people I end up explaining it to) and probably affects the way I think / interact with the world. But not a mention. Harumph!